Class Actions and Mass Torts: Santa Ana Personal Injury Lawyer 

Have you sustained injuries in Santa Ana caused by a defective product, exposure to health-damaging materials, or medical dispensing errors?? If yes, you should contact our experienced Santa Ana personal injury lawyer because you may be entitled to compensation as per the law. They will review your case to identify if it fits the current mass tort legal actions. Read on to learn more.

Mass Torts Explained

If a company or person harms numerous people similarly, the victims can sue together in a mass tort, holding the responsible party liable for their actions. Civil claims for negligence or wrongdoings fall under class actions and mass torts.

Even though you may have grounds to join an active mass tort/class action claim against the responsible party, it still isn’t easy to get compensated. This is because, armed with significant financial resources and a large team of personal injury lawyers, Fortune 500 companies make it difficult for victims to seek compensation after suffering harm.

Besides this, mass tort and class action claims are quite complex also because they involve numerous plaintiffs- sometimes even thousands. So, to proceed with the claim, these plaintiffs must file a claim in their state/federal court. If the claims hold the same person liable, the case moves to one federal judge. This judge is responsible for overseeing the multidistrict litigation case. What adds to the complexity of mass torts is that the laws are different throughout the US.  Laws are variable from county to county and state to state. All this can lead to delay and confusion, so multidistrict litigation helps coordinate the claims, eventually resulting in a mass tort settlement.

Moreover, joining a mass tort claim is even more challenging when it’s already in progress. This is where legal knowledge is most needed. You can protect your rights with an experienced Santa Ana personal injury law attorney to represent and fight your case.

In such a situation, a personal injury lawyer can guide you at every step, securing fair compensation from the mass tort claim. Moreover, they can also prepare for what you will likely encounter during the mass tort litigation process.

Mass Tort vs. Class Action Claims

Unlike a mass tort, a group of named plaintiffs leads the case in a class action lawsuit, acting like class representatives. This action is feasible where some class action lawsuit members don’t want to be named in the litigation process. Nonetheless, the unnamed class members receive a portion of the case award after the lawsuit’s success.

However, between the mass tort and class action claim, mass tort is often the best path in cases where a defendant injures multiple parties. This is because a lead plaintiff represents the entire class of people in a class action suit. So, if the claim is rejected, everybody loses. On the other hand, a mass tort is initiated by a group of personal injury lawyers and their clients. So it’s more impactful. Additionally, awarded damages by the court are for individual claimants. The plaintiffs don’t have to split the awarded damages with anyone.  

Santa Ana Personal Injury Lawyer

In a nutshell, it’s best to work with an experienced Santa Ana personal injury lawyer to navigate case complexities and ensure you choose the right method for a fair and favorable outcome. Schedule a consultation for more details or legal assistance. Krolikowski Law is an experienced law firm in Santa Ana, CA. We can help you pursue legal recourse and get fairly compensated.

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